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Risk management response strategies

Risk management refers to the strategies and actions organisations put in place to reduce or manage the impact of potential threats to an organization or …

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In this dynamic business world, uncertainty is certain. The ability to navigate these turbulent waters and emerge unscathed requires a strategic approach known as risk …

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Every farmer needs an accountant!!!

From time immemorial, agriculture was believed to be the production of staple food required for daily survival.  However, with the invention of mechanisation, it has …

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How growing businesses benefit from Sage One

Often times, growing businesses, particularly start-ups, find navigating the complex landscape of accounting and financial management daunting. They usually require simplified and affordable solutions.  Sage …

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 Different Type of Taxes in Botswana

A tax is a compulsory financial charge or type of levy imposed on an individual or legal entity (Tax Payer) by a governmental organization (Botswana …

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Deal Structuring

Deal structuring refers to the process of carefully organizing the financial and operational terms and conditions of a business transaction in a way that maximizes …

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