Every farmer needs an accountant!

21.01.20 06:30 AM By webmaster

By Barbara Charamba

From time immemorial, agriculture was believed to be the production of staple food required for daily survival. With the invention of mechanisation, it has become increasingly clear that farming is an enterprise that can be profitable, interesting and feed nations. We have seen the advancement of farmers venturing in innovative farming like hydroponics, pisciculture, apiculture, fungiculture, rotary dairy, to name a few.

 We have witnessed livelihoods being transformed, national budgets being sustained, international trade succeeding, and creation of employment opportunities from agricultural activities. The benefits are amazing, families flourish and the nation becomes food secure.

However, as in any enterprise, there are risks to be managed. For a farmer to be successful, he needs a qualified accountant. With advancement in technology, increased regulation, complex balance sheets and unpredictable weather, an accountant, not only assist the farmer in identifying the risks, but in managing the risks and complex business cycles. This ultimately has a dramatic effect on bottom line. 

There is no clear cut formula to accounting for all the factors affecting production in farming, but with a team of seasoned and experienced accountants financial success is guaranteed.

 Addmath can help you with the following includes but not limited to:

  1.  Access to Land Land is vital for agriculture activities. However, it tends to lock up the much needed working capital. At Addmath we can device various land financing models that releases the cash you need to fund your business, including Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), leasing, rent to buy, among others.
  2.  Advise on government subsidy schemes: The government of Botswana has put in place a number of facilities to assist farmers to thrive. At Addmath we will advise you on the subsidies you qualify for and how to access them. 
  3.  Compliance issues: Every business requires a well-kept record of income and expenditure and need to comply with the legal requirements. At Addmath we have a team of qualified accountants who will help you count the beans, file for taxes and retain financial records. Our exposure to regional markets has an added advantage for handling imports and exports.